Does it look like a duck and quack like a duck?

Typescript uses duck typing, since the underlying JavaScript is not supporting object orientation by classes but prototypes (A re-introduction to JavaScript). What this means from a practical sense is if you define two classes in Typescript with the same properties, function signatures, the classes will be interchangeable.

Containers, but this time they are for building the.. containers!

If you have a build server, you might have issues with it. Its hard targeting 10k deployments a day per company , any you may not need to, but we can all agree that a healthy team with a handful developers should be able to do 10+ deployments a day. So what do we expect and need from a good Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration pipeline?


  • Build and tag master branch — this usually includes testing, building, and storing the artifact on nexus / artifactory.
  • Build and test any branch — so you can validate pull requests. It should run…

Sometimes you want to use your mappings with a physical device. When you want to use your desktop VPN on an Android, or when you want to edit some cookies on an iPhone, you want to record some game traffic in the hopes of reverse engineering the fog of war. In any case, here are the steps:

  1. find your proxy address: go to Charles > Proxy > Proxy Settings and note the port. Then go to Charles > Help > Local IP Address. There will be a few, but use the Wifi’s one.
  2. Connect your device to the IP:Port, by…

We use Splunk day to day, and having a perfect query for every occasion helps us big time with monitoring, debugging, issue tracking, especially that Google Analytics has a hard position for upcoming iOS changes. We use Apache logs for index, and track custom events hitting a self hosted tracking pixel with different parameters.

How can I get stats by screen size? How to get statistics by combination of two fields?

index=httpdlogs file=”tracking.gif” platform=phone | eval size=screenWidth. “x” .screenHeight | stats count by size | where count > 10000

So this search would look good in a pie chart as well, however you prefer it. The prerequisits being that we log the screenWidth and screenHeight. We also…

I’ve made a small research project. Basically i wanted to measure clean code. 100 high school graduates answer a ‘what is the output of the code’ kind of questions. Whenever we say code cleanness, we can’t measure. There are of course code smells, but no exact definition. That’s why its always asked on interviews. So lets see some key findings:

Well, you were wrong. It turns out Webcomponents leak. We’re using polymer engine, and here’s what our code looked like on the parent page:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, …, viewport-fit=cover”>

and in the webcomponent:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, …”>

It turns out, as soon as you load the webcomponent, its meta will override the parent page’s meta, as they share name, therefore breaking iOS notch functionality, and adding two ugly bars for the not safe space.

look, how ugly the two white bar on the edge of the screen is. the viewport-fit will sort that — unless you override it from webcomponents

its out! for full list.

My favs:

Most Important Job Factors

How Often Do Developers Work Remotely?

Altough I’ve been using the rest properties for a while in react like

propsStore = {
changedProp: newValue

there are a lot more to them!

Alongside with Promise.prototype.finally Faraz Kelhini wrote a very decent collection on them, be sure to read it:

.then((response) => {
.catch((error) => {
.finally(() => {
document.querySelector('#spinner').style.display = 'none';

You can now download Design Studio’s

The Product Manager’s Guide to UX Design


Unlimited private repositories in free tier! Yeey! :)

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